You Deserve a Guardian

We know what it’s like to get burned when choosing a cloud communication or technology provider. You end up locked into the wrong services, wrong coverage, and zero flexibility-all because a salesperson high-pressured you into a contract that fits their quotas, not yours. 

No matter your technology needs, you wish you could get expert guidance to find the technology that will help you grow your business, meet the needs of your customers, and provide the flexibility your employees need-all on your budget and timeline. 

At Guardian Tech Partners, we get it. 

Technology should help your business thrive! Since 2002 we’ve helped hundreds of businesses like yours navigate communications technologies and their providers so they can save time, money, and get the support that they desperately need-all at no additional cost to them.

We’re committed to helping you optimize your services so you can unleash your business’ potential and move forward.

The Process is simple

1. Listen

As an independent, unbiased agency, we’ll get to know you and your business’ needs to make recommendations that meet your interests–not sales quotas.

2. Customize

Working closely with you, we’ll design solutions that meet your unique needs, introduce you to the best providers, and walk you through their proposals and contracts.

3. Execute

Once you’ve chosen the best service design for your business, we’ll help implement the new solution and offer personalized account management and support for the life of your services.

We believe technology shouldn’t hold you back—you deserve the right options and world-class support to help you grow. We’ll help you create a solution that fits your exact need and be there for you for the long term.

A message from the Founder

Customer service- especially from communications and technology providers — took a wrong turn somewhere long ago.

After working for a major company that prides itself in customer service, the dearth of support from telecom and other providers in 2002 astonished me. That’s why I founded Guardian Tech Partners-to act as your protector, your intermediary between large providers and your business.

Why? Because we believe in a quaint concept…it’s your service, it’s your business, and it’s your money. We fill in the provider’s gaps so you receive the service you expect every day allowing you to focus on your business. It’s just the right way to do it. 

We’re in this together. Our incentives are aligned perfectly with your service satisfaction. We’re not a provider; we help you manage your providers so they work for you. We’re on your side and we don’t get paid unless you are satisfied.

Our clients have reported savings of 10%–70% on their monthly cloud communications and technology expenses while receiving exceptional, expert guidance and service support in the process. We call this service optimization.

And here’s the best part–there are no additional fees or costs associated with our basic offering to optimize and manage your services. You’ll get better pricing, better service, and a team of veteran staff with over 50 years of industry experience to help you manage and optimize your technology.

So if you’re tired of high-pressure salespeople, confusing contracts, and hours on the phone with unhelpful customer service, give us a call. Your guardian awaits.


“Without Guardian Tech Partners’ help, we would have never implemented our latest
service upgrade in the time frame we were provided. Their professionalism and
overall knowledge of the industry has proven to be an incredible resource for our
company. I am so thankful to have them on our side.”

D.S., IT Manager — Denver, CO

“Guardian Tech Partners masterfully shepherded us through the often confusing world of voice and data services. They facilitated the seamless transitions to our new services at a significant dollar savings to us, taking the hassle of the process off our shoulders. They helped make us even better at what we do!”

R.F., Director of Human Resources, Administration and Facilities — Lakewood, CO

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