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Hear what our clients have to say about working with Guardian Tech Partners.

Extremely valuable in our decision making

“I would like to thank Guardian Tech Partners for the guidance they provided to our company through the evaluation and implementation of our new telecommunication services. Their experience and most importantly, customer service, proved extremely valuable in our decision making and implementation in multiple (4) offices. They delivered exactly when they assured us they would in a timely and professional manner. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone.”

N.F. Office Administrator
Denver, CO

Made the process seamless

“Guardian Tech Partner’s candid input and patience in the selection process made our choice a simple matter of deduction. Once our new provider was selected, they took charge of the situation to the extent that our company’s involvement was minimal at best. The transition proceeded smoothly and in a timely fashion with Guardian spearheading the migration at every junction. In summary, they made the process seamless for our company. I would recommend their services to others without hesitation.”

M.K. Vice President and General Counsel
Denver, CO

Our numbers continue to grow

“You have no idea how delighted I was when I learned about Guardian Tech Partner’s services. Our communications system is integral to our mission and without a quality voice/internet system, we would not be able to serve the more than 66,000 people we did last year. That number continues to grow. Guardian Tech Partners gets answers and results for us, and that allows us to get back to our mission.”

T.M., Executive Director
Denver, CO

Make us even better

“Guardian Tech Partners masterfully shepherded us through the often confusing world of voice and data services, making excellent recommendations for our needs. They facilitated the seamless transitions to our new services at a significant dollar savings to us, taking the hassle of the process off our shoulders. I recommend their work, knowledge, skills, honesty, hard work, accessibility, and ability to find the solution at every turn to anyone wishing to assess and improve their communication services. They helped make us even better at what we do!”

R.F., Director of Human Resources, Administration, and Facilities
Lakewood, CO

One of the best decisions

“I am very thankful for our relationship with Guardian Tech Partners! Making the move to partner with them was one of the best decisions I have ever made. They have an exceptional team who always has our best interest at heart.”

Centennial, CO

We are VERY happy

“Having SDWAN has been such a savior for us…and me personally. We are VERY happy customers thanks to Guardian Tech Partners!”

M.L., IT Director
Denver, CO

Incredible resource for our company

“I’m so grateful for the hard work and dedication Guardian Tech Partners showed during our latest services upgrade. Without their help, we would have never implemented our latest service upgrade in the time frame we were provided. Their professionalism and overall knowledge of the industry has proven to be an incredible resource for our company. I am so thankful to have them on our side.”

D.S., IT Manager
Denver, CO

Exceeded our expectations

“Guardian Tech Partners’ experience and integrity proved to be extremely valuable in our decision making as we evaluated and implemented new telecommunication services. They provided us several service options, allowing us to choose the right technologies and services packages for our business. They exceeded our expectations of quality customer service.”

JS, Operations Manager
Denver, CO

Makes sure our system is always working

“I have worked with Guardian Tech Partners for approximately 5 years at two separate medical clinics. As a medical clinic, it is extremely important that our voice and data services are working properly so that ill patients can be in communication with their physicians day and night. Guardian Tech Partners makes sure that our system is always in working order. I recommend Guardian Tech Partners highly. I don’t think you’ll find another company to be better.”

T.J., Practice Manager
Littleton, CO

Exceptional service

“After Guardian Tech Partners reviewed our bills and assessed our needs, they saved our company hundreds of dollars for services that were no longer needed. When we moved our offices they brought together our vendors to execute the physical move, upgrade our offices, and even design the expansion. The service that we received in planning and executing these moves was exceptional. I will continue to use Guardian Tech Partners for my needs and highly recommend them to anyone looking for assistance.”

S.T., Practice Administrator
Englewood, CO

Quality of service and equipment

“Our new (VoIP) provider has been amazing. Our project manager has been very thorough, helpful and kind throughout the entire process. This has really made a difference. I have been doing practice management for 18 years and this has been the smoothest conversion thus far. Most importantly, our owner is very pleased with the quality of service and equipment that was referred to us and how everything was handled from beginning to end. We have been made to feel that we are not alone in this and at any time we can be in contact with someone live for help…THAT IS HUGE!! Thank you again and I look forward to working with you in the future!!”

K.G., Office Administrator
Parker, CO

A top-notch company that offers quality service and great rates

“It’s my pleasure to recommend the services of Guardian Tech Partners. They have gone above and beyond to transition us from the worst technology to the best. They are a top-notch company that offers quality service and great rates. Across the board, we are pleased with their work.

We gave them a very big challenge as we were in desperate need and had high demands. They never flinched at any problem we presented them with (and there were a lot), offered solutions with options to make our daily operations carefree, and were there to hold our hands throughout the entire process. We are truly thankful for Tim and his crew of experts.

Please consider Guardian Tech Partners for all your cloud communication/ technology needs. They have helped our business thrive!”

Dr. E.J., Owner
J.S., Practice Manager
Lone Tree, CO



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