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What We Do: 6 Steps for New Clients 

As your trusted business telecom consultants, we offer new clients a 6 Step Process to optimize their services.


Step 1: Free, No Obligation Consultation Analysis 

We will meet with new clients, preferably at their work/office site, for an introductory client interview. During this meeting, we discuss current services, review current service invoices, do a needs assessment, discuss your goals & timelines, complete a site survey of your work space and current equipment and services. A follow up meeting is scheduled to review service options. 


Step 2: Service Optimization: Billing Audits and Service Design

With today’s rapidly changing telecommunications & technology industry, we know that dependable services are imperative to your success. It’s our job to be your Guardian in making those decisions and to ensure service excellence with any services provider, anytime, anywhere, for the life of your service.

With this philosophy in mind, we get to work designing a service solution to meet your requirements, budget and timeline for implementation. We provide unbiased and independent service recommendations to help your business choose the right solution to meet your specific needs. In many instances, Guardian is able to provide better pricing, use combinations of incentives and attain better contract terms than you could by going directly to the carrier or service provider. We will discuss proposed solutions with your phone equipment and LAN/IT vendors & technicians to ensure a competent service design. We save you a tremendous amount of time, frustration, confusion and money in this daunting task of evaluating services.


Step 3: Choose Your Solution from Over 20 Providers Locally and Nationally

Since we offer our clients a choice of technologies and services from over 200 providers locally and nationally, we can be creative and very flexible in designing your service solution with one provider or a combination of several providers to meet your needs. Our ability to work with such a large number of providers gives our clients easy and fast access to as many combinations of services they will ever need, saving you time in the process.


At the next meeting, we present your service options and you choose your solution. In most cases, we will provide guidance or a recommendation to our clients in the decision making process to make sure they make a great choice. We’re in this with you as your long term business partner & advocate. Your service satisfaction is our priority, period. Your business depends on it, and so does ours.


Step 4: Coordination & Implementation of Your Service Orders

Once your new services have been selected, we will coordinate the implementation of your services on your behalf. We finalize any technical details and submit your order to the provider. We make sure we submit a clean order to the provider so we can ensure a smooth conversion for you. We work with the provider(s) and your phone equipment and LAN/IT technicians to schedule your installation at time and date that works best for your business. In most cases, we attend the installation in person and do onsite testing to be sure services are working properly before authorizing completion of the installation. We do all of this so you can be confident that your business is in good hands during the conversion. 


Step 5: Final Service Testing and Billing Audits

A few days after your services are installed, a client services manager will follow up to perform any final testing to be sure your services are working to your satisfaction. Then, we will audit your first invoices to be sure they are accurate. Since many providers send erroneous first invoices, this is an invaluable service. Again, saving you time and money, it’s our job to resolve any issues we may find on your behalf. We will update you throughout the process and upon resolution. Billing issues can take several invoice cycles to be fixed, but we always follow through to completion. 


Step 6: Ongoing Account Management for the Life of Your Services

Now that you are using your new services, we will provide ongoing support and account management services for the life of your account. This, again, is a complimentary service saving you lots of time, money and frustration. If you ever have any service issues, questions, need assistance with service changes, just give us a call and we’ll assist you. This support is available for as long as you work with us. 

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